Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The 3 Best Reasons to Visit Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Bocas Del Toro is located in the Northeast corner of Panama.  The islands appear to be as much part of the Caribbean as they are Panamanian.  With its colorful buildings and warm tropical breezes it has a much more festive feel than the rest of the country.  Another separating factor from the mainland is the number of U.S. citizens and the common use of the English language versus the almost one hundred percent Spanish speaking population found elsewhere.

There are countless ways to enjoy the area, however the reason most people come here is as follows:

  1. Surfing
    without a doubt, the sport put this area on the map.  Bocas offers both reef and beach breaks.  Along with choice of bottom also comes skill level.  Although it is an annual stop over for the pro circuit, beginner waves can be found.  Most of the waves to be found that are waist high or lower are at La Punta, Paunch Reef, and Wizard Beach.  If you are an experienced surfer then you have discovered your paradise.  Waves often exceed 12 feet in the winter season that runs from November thru March.  Most breaks are accessed by water taxi.  For only a few U.S. dollars the boatmen will drop you off and pick you back up at an arranged time.
  2. Snorkeling & Diving - 
    The abundance of reef acts as a magnet for underwater life.  The sea levels between islands is fairly shallow and allows for one to jump in almost anywhere with their face mask and flippers.  If you feel the need to go deeper, then stop in at any of the 12 dive shops in the area.  Certified instructors from all accredited disciplines are available.  New to diving?  No problem, fun dives, or open water certifications are available for those with the time and interest.
  3. Relaxing - If you want to slow down, then Bocas Del Toro is the spot for you.  The weather, hot and humid during the day acts as an inhibitor for anything other than water sports or lying on the beach.  Bring a book, find a hammock or beach chair, settle in and enjoy.  However, the breezy nights bring a cooling trend that allows for a rejuvenation and enticement to enjoy the evenings.  An array of restaurants lines the streets.  With limited traffic walking to any of the eating establishments can be done in less than 10 minutes.  A slew of culinary options await.  The must popular are La Casbah, Om Café and Beso del Dragon. Want to feel what it would be like to live here?  Check out the ex-pat hangout at the Rip Tide.

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