Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Poway’s Potato Chip Rock World Famous

It’s no longer necessary to spend your money traveling to see Victoria Falls or the ancient pyramids.  Low and behold one of the eleven amazing places you need to visit once in your life is located right in our back yard.

The website www.earthtraveling.com has just named Potato Chip Rock as a must see and placed it tenth on their list of “Once in a Life Time” experiences.  Located officially in Poway, it can be most easily accessed from Highway 67 on the Ramona side of Mt. Woodson.

The more popular route up to this rock out cropping is an out and back trail beginning at Poway Lake.  It is a semi strenuous hike that covers 7.5 miles.  Bring plenty of water and your camera to capture your picture on this now famous exposure.

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