Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 Factors in Determining Your Next Destination

3 Factors in Determining Your Next Destination

Heineken Beers has a new marketing promotion.  It evolves around the premise of dropping everything at a moments notice and traveling the world.

Unfortunately not all of us are able to travel with such spontaneity.  In fact, as romantic as the notion sounds, such ill planned adventures can and often due fall far short of the traveler’s expectations.

Three important factors should be considered prior to choosing your next travel destination.  Along with matching your explorations with these factors to maximize your pleasure, planning a trip adds to the enjoyment.   

Cost – If you have an unlimited trust fund, then you can skip this section.  If not, cost is the biggest determining factor when deciding on where your travels will take you.  Fuel prices affect both auto and air travel.  Compare oil prices to the past.  It will help you determine if it is the correct time to go far, or stay nearer to your home. 
Secondly, find out about the local economies of the areas you want to visit.  Is the country experiencing a recession or a booming economy?  Deals can be had if the U.S. dollar is strong compared to the currency at your final destination. 

Time – It seems like a no brainer.  However, ask yourself, “Do I have enough time to see or experience the area.”  If you are doing a multi city or country trip, plan enough days at each to be able to immerse yourself in the culture.  Don’t forget travel days.  Delays and detours are inconvenient and can cut deeply into a trip with a tight itinerary.   Remember, it’s better to take time to enjoy where you are at the moment as opposed to rushing onward to complete your checklist.

Inconveniences – This term covers a lot of ground.  Since we often book our travel months in advance, it is not always possible to predict the stability of a country or region you plan to visit.  I once had a trip planned to Honduras.  Unfortunately the country experienced a coup attempt the day before I was supposed to take off.  Travel Insurance would have come in handy.  Instead I was forced to eat the ticket cost. 
Foreign languages can be a blessing or a curse.  If you can’t speak the county’s language, find out how common English is.  Spending two weeks without being able to communicate is at best frustrating, not to mention the loss of the experiences you would other wise have.  Hiring a guide is away around the problem.  The cost is far less than wasting your time and money you already paid. For me shots are another inconvenience.  They hurt and can often cause flu like symptoms.  However, weighed against the alternative they can truly be a life saver.  Know which inoculations you need and how long the doses last.

In conclusion, plan carefully but don’t let any of the above factors discourage you from exploring and discovering through travel.

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