Thursday, December 3, 2015


Lured by the chance of riches and fame, explorers and adventures alike have searched for lost cities for centuries.  The three most infamous remaining lost cities are Atlantis, El Dorado, and The City of Z.  I use the word infamous as their search has claimed many lives and fortunes in attempts to prove them real.  Present day seekers point to Pompeii found  buried in Italy or Machu Pichu discovered high in the Andes as proof that these missing cites are authentic.     

A new form of travel has taken over as agency and guides tout “Extreme” vacations.  What better way to spend your holiday than seeking fame and fortune.  One has to wonder if these companies knew so much about the cities locations why they would want to share it with a bunch of tourists?
Guided tours aside, countless books and films have been written on the whereabouts of each.  However, if you are really intent on making the discovery it will take research, drive, patience and most of all, a lot of luck.  For those who want to chase these illusive settings I will wish you happy hunting and good fortune.  

Following is a brief description and history of the three lost cities.

1.        Atlantis – The oldest of the recorded lost cities.  Mentioned first by Plato circa 360 BC, it was originally deemed to be merely more Greek mythology.  However, in recent times the possibility of the lost city has taken on new life.    All who believe can agree that it is submerged somewhere between Europe and North America, but that is where the agreements end.  Recent books have it located anywhere from below the Bahamas to the under the Arctic Ocean.  With today’s modern ocean mapping and sonar technology the possibility of its existence grows more and more remote. 

2.        El Dorado – The city of gold.  This legendary city has taken on more of the myth status than the rest.   Ever since Cortez burned his ships the city has remained hidden in a cloak of smoke and mystery.  Originally said to be near Guatavita Lake in Bogata, Europeans searched without success throughout the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.  Does it exist?  Only time with tell.   Countless Aztec temples have been unearthed throughout Central America.  With many more mounds identified as possible ancient ruins, is it not possible one is made of gold?  Is it not possible they could either extend or start in Columbia?

3.       City of Z – This city is so lost that it does not even have an official name, but only a letter.   Named or my aptly marked by the early nineteenth century English explorer and geographer Colonial Percy Fawcett, it remains undiscovered.  Presumed to be deep in the jungles of South America.  A recent book written by David Gann has brought renewed interest in the search.  In fact his book alludes to the fact that it has actually been found by a Professor who has been working in the area for years.  However, even if the area identified is correct, it is yet unearthed and beckons treasure hunters to further their search for the gems hidden in the rain forest.

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