Monday, August 24, 2015

Three best activities in San Bernardino National Forest

The San Bernardino National Forest has so many ways to enjoy the outdoors it is almost impossible to list them all, let alone write about them.  We have come up with 3 that we believe provide the most mass appeal.  In addition we have included ideas that you can use for both summer and/or winter.  Like all lists, the reader may feel that we have left out the best.  If so, please comment and let us know. 

  1. Mountain Climbing & Hiking
    San Bernardino National Forest is home to Southern California’s two highest peaks.  Mount San Gorgonia, or “Ole Grayback” as the locals refer to it is in the northern section of the forest and reaches an elevation of 11,503.  The southern area of the national forest boasts Mount San Jacinto at a lofty 10, 600.  Both mountains are non technical and have well marked hiking trails.  Either summit can be reached in a day by climbers in reasonable condition.  If you are not interested in stepping on top of Southern California, the forest offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails where you can choose to meander through the forest or go on a rigorous trek.

  1. Ski or Snow Board  -  Although reserved for winter, several ski resorts are operated within the forests boundaries.  Most popular are:
    1. Bear Mountain – Located in the town of Big Bear, this resort offers both ski and snowboarding.  There is an emphasis on snow boarding and offers numerous terrain parks.
    2. Snow Summit – Also located in the town of Big Bear, this side of the mountain offers the longest ski runs in Southern California
    3. Snow Valley Mountain Resort – Just outside of the town of Arrowhead this park gets a lot of action from those who do not want to make the further drive to Big Bear, CA.  It offers a wide variety and levels of runs for both skiing and snowboarding

  1. Fishing – The National Forest has an abundance of fishing opportunities.         
    1. Lake and Pond Fishing
      Try your luck in catching native California fish.  Rainbow trout, bass, bluegill and catfish are some of the species that you may find on your hook.  The sport can be enjoyed from the shore or if you prefer many of the lakes offer boating as well. 
    2. River and Stream Fishing – Although a bit more difficult to reach, river and stream fishing can be exhilarating.  Fly fishing in cold mountain streams can lend itself to the reward of battling a beautiful Rainbow trout.  However, remember if you are camping this is bear country.  Clean your catch and bury the remains at least 300 yards away from your camp site.

Regardless of what activity you choose you are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience.  Spending time in the wilderness that is the San Bernardino National Forest is good for the soul.

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